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Do you enjoy good health?

Or do you suffer stress, back pain, stiff muscles or joints, depression, or illness in some form? Or tiredness and confusion from mobile phones, computers, wireless technology or Geopathic Stress.

Sound Energy Healing offers a range of complementary therapies to balance your Mental/Emotional and Physical well-being.

Jennifer lives in Warwickshire and is a qualified therapist in bioenergetic medicine using ACMOS, Cymatics and Inergetix-CoRe. Work can be done at distance as well as one to one.

ACMOS restores energy and vitality to your body using a range of natural products, including Homeopathy and colour therapy. With ACMOS you will get comprehensive energy assessment and a completely personalised treatment session that is tailored to your need and lifestyle, combining the best of Ancient Chinese medicine with modern scientific measuring instruments. ACMOS, by using the Lecher Antenna, can trace the real cause of your symptoms to a much deeper imbalance. We understand that your symptoms act like safety valves to release blockages from imbalance in your body’s energy reserves. Once the real cause is treated then your symptoms are no longer needed. This helps you achieve complete physical, mental and emotional balance.

All this is backed up by using CYMATICS, a sound therapy generating frequency waves at the required frequency to activate normal cellular oscillation. Every cell in the body has its own frequency so that by applying the correct sound waves the cell itself recovers its vitality. The frequency oscillator can also destroy microbes and other harmful organisms. This method repairs tired or damaged DNA.

The INERGETIX-CoRe system was developed by Kiran Schmidt It is a hybrid system that integrates energy and informational medicine. One can find the cause of an imbalance, which amongst many other things could arise from a trauma in the past. This can be erradicated thus balancing the equilibrium. Sending information to the body to balance the DLE (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium), reviving the cells with the correct resonance and balancing the body’s energies with Energy medicine can help one achieve a healthy body.

We find, through the Lecher Antenna, which of the therapies is most suitable for the person concerned.

It is often advisable to also do a detox. For this we have a Therapeutic Peat Hyperthermia Therapy which can be done at home. Cellogie to maintain and stabilize your cells, Avalon light therapy, to increase circulation, relieve pain in nerves and help detoxify the body. Also a far infrared therapeutic Sauna.

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