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Jennifer Cullen DCM lives in Warwickshire and has had an interest in complimentary therapies for many years, especially energy healing. It started when suffering badly from arthritis and muscle problems, which interferred badly with her love of training horses. These problems are cured thanks to bio-energetics and Sizzling Minerals Some time ago she was introduced to bio-energetics and did a full training in ACMOS energy healing, following on a few years later with qualifications in Cymatics and Bio-Energetic Medicine. She had already used the Cymatic machine for many years with great success on herself for back pain and on her dressage horses, which could also suffer from stiffness. That, and later the addition of the minerals, completely cured the arthritis and muscle problems of previous years. The aim now is to help others achieve emotional and physical well being by either working with the person present or at distance. This is done through energy healing by detecting the cause of the problem and sending energy of sound, light and information to the body.

A great advantage of Cymatics and ACMOS is to be able to extract the radiation, which collects in the body from mobile phones, Wi-Fi and so much more wireless equipment. ACMOS detects this problem and also finds what can be done to help strengthen the body against it.

We are all lacking minerals in our food and these are necessary to help absorb vitamins.

Coming across Inergetix-CoRe, Quantum Wave Laser and Avalon were an added bonus to add to the range of therapies as they all work so well together.

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