I suffered from getting sick all the time. I had a constant sore throat and felt weak and without energy. Now I am much better thanks to Jennifer Cullen who tried a lot to help me. The sizzling minerals she recomended me are having a great effect. Thank you for everything!

I suffer from an illness called Ulcerative Colitis. Before I saw Jennifer I was always tired and suffered because of my illness, but now I feel like a new person. I just had to see Jennifer a few times and now I am feeling 100 times better. I am full of energy and have no problems with my Ulcerative Colitis. She helped me more in just three sessions than the doctors could in five years. She has helped me get back on with my life. Thank you Jennifer.
Darren, Leamington Spa

Dear Jennifer. This is just to say a big thank you for all your help and treatments for my back pain. As you know over the years I have tried many things including injections into my spine, but I have to say your treatments and advice are the only things to have really worked and I am completely pain free most of the time. THANK YOU!
Celia Baker (and grateful husband Michael!!)

I suffered from EMF sensitivity for a long time and, although I have my house well protected, going into towns, buildings with Wi-Fi and especially airports made me feel really bad. Now with the help of ACMOS and Cymatics I can go anywhere without getting that terrible exhausted feeling.
J.C. Warks

For 15 years I suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I only ate tuna and potatoes and didn’t have the energy to do anything except go to one therapist after another trying to find something to help me. After my first ACMOS session I was able to do the gardening for the first time in 15 years and could introduce more vegetables into my diet. After the second session people remarked how much better I was looking.
P.M. Beds

I used to suffer from a lot of back pain. Getting out of bed in the mornings was really hard but after using Cymatics bio-resonance I now no longer suffer any pain. I also had a lot of arthritis and find that taking organic plant minerals and Neways supplements keeps that at bay.

I find the healing techniques used by my mother, Jennifer, extraordinarily helpful when I am feeling not quite right but I don’t want to go to the Doctor; when I have a a nagging unwellness which I know will turn into something serious if I don’t do anything about it, and when I am emotionally unwell, for example from divorce and bereavment.
The healing makes me feel better, more myself, whole, more confident, more energetic and remembering how I feel when I am really well.
Susie. Warks

Thanks to Jennifer, who first told me that my energy was way out of balance , and then homed in to the problem almost instantly to find a strain very specifically to my left optic nerve . I needed new contact lenses after the manufacturer ceased to make the lenses that had suited me for several years , and several re-placements had been a disaster . However after Jennifer re-balanced my energy , the feeling of strain and headache was much reduced , and then virtually disappeared when the contact lenses I was prescribed were re-calibrated . It is wonderful to see normally and without strain or headache , and I am very impressed by the methods of discovering a problem so difficult to diagnose and dealing with it so efficiently.

I was in hospital with meningitis and when I came out I had a buzzing in my head and ringing in my ears. The doctors said that I could be left with this for the rest of my life. After a few sessions of energy therapy all buzz and ringing disappeared. I now feel completely recovered.

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