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Energy is everywhere and energy medicine therapy helps replace that which is missing in our bodies by sending us the correct information

ACMOS (Analysis of Compatibility of Matter on the Organism and its Synergy) was invented in the 1980’s by Dr Rene Naccachian a French engineer who received Chinese acupuncture on a long-standing knee injury. After one session his knee, which doctors had given up on, was healed. This triggered an interest to scientifically find out exactly what had happened. He used the Lecher Antenna to measure the body’s energies and find out what was needed for the repair.

Sending information to the body, reviving the cells with the correct resonance and balancing the body’s energies can help :-

  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase Detoxification
  • Restore Your Body’s Energy And Vitality
  • Regenerate Your Body
  • Support Immune Function
  • And Much More …

This is all done with the help of the Lecher antenna.

With regular sessions you will get to stay symptom-free because we build up your mental and physical energy reserves or the deep “Centripetal Energy” to help you deal with stress better. This means you have more energy and vitality, better mental clarity and more balanced emotions. There is no quick fix as the longer you have suffered, the longer it takes to correct the problem. Even if you have a chronic condition ACMOS still helps to build up your energy reserves so your body can balance itself and release its symptoms.

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Cymatic Therapy was developed by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath who was qualified in England and Germany, specialized in natural and electromagnetic medicines. Dr Manners began his career in England as a young, ambitious doctor and researcher in the early part of the twentieth century. Even then, he knew that medical interventions were not providing complete solutions to resolve illness. This wisdom and a strong determination for change led him on a journey to various medical and research facilities across the UK and Eastern Europe, where he acquired and experienced many cutting-edge research and therapeutic interventions that pioneered the early use of sound as therapy. He encountered many personal challenges and acquired great knowledge which led to the invaluable conception in the early 1960s of one of the world’s first-known sound therapy instruments. This development marked the birth of what we now know as Cymatic Therapy.

Every part of the body has its own resonance and with the help of the ACMOS antenna one can find the area of the body that is in need of repair and apply the correct resonance.

Bio-Realignment is a whole body healing modality using a combination of Cymatics, Bio-Energetics and Resonance. It is used to analyse and balance clients of all ages as well as animals and plants. This can help define the root cause of problems causing imbalance in the body.

Inergetix-CoRe has been developed by Kiran Schmidt from Germany using a computer to send information to the body to balance DLE thus enabling it to heal itself. This is a simple yet most effective innovation.

These different methods work well together. Treatment can take place either with the person present or at distance for those with too far to travel. A full assessment and rebalance can be done at distance by establishing a strong line of communication with the client’s body.

There is also the choice of Naked Mud, a Theraputic Peat Hyperthermia Therapy and natural detox. It will also increase circulation, reduce inflammation, enhance the immune system, detox deep tissue and fat, aid removal of heavy metals and is safe and effective.

Far infrared therapeutic sauna, which will help lose weight, reduce cellulite, improve skin quality, relieve pain detox naturally and help you relax and unwind.

Cellogie, giving your cells the nutrients they need to stay healthy, protected and functioning efficiently. It naturally restores the balance of nutrients. It is easy to take as it melts in the mouth and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Avalon which is a light therapy dispersing Pulsed Light in the most profound, safe, noninvasive way to ‘enlighten’ your cells.

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We can check all supplements with the help of the Lecher antenna, as one product does not suit all.

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